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When Triglycerides are Higher Than Cholesterol

When Triglycerides are Higher Than Cholesterol

Triglycerides are lipids for sugar storage in the body. When we consume excess sugars, the body converts them into triglycerides for storage. Other mechanisms can produce failures or dysfunction that will also generate sugar metabolism problems which in turn cause increased triglycerides in the blood. Diets where excess amounts of high glycemic index foods (white flour, desserts, sugar, soft drinks, large amounts of caned or raw fruits, etc.) are consumed will cause high triglycerides and eventually high cholesterol. Lifestyles of high stress, no exercise activity, poor or low quality sleep and other such circumstance will also generate lipid failures that are seen as high triglycerides and cholesterol.

Some solutions to such conditions are obvious. Alteration of dietary habits and lifestyle activities will have great benefit to correcting high blood lipids and the problems they cause. Correction of the diet to eliminating sugars, white flower, desserts, high caffeine content foods, chocolate, white and yellow fruits and vegetables are necessary for the long term correction of high triglycerides and cholesterol.

Exercise is also necessary for the proper “burning” of these excess storage fats. Exercise activities that generate aerobic levels of physiology are needed three times weekly for no less than 30 minutes at the minimum. Aerobic physiology is a specific level of energy burning in the body, not the jumping exercise performed in many health clubs and available on DVD’s. Although aerobic levels of physiology can be obtained through these activities so can cycling, walking, jogging, circuit training and weight training. The specific form is up to the individual and what they like to do as well as what they can fit into their schedules.

In addition to these, there are specific nutriceutical interventions that have proven valuable to improve blood lipids. These substances vary from person to person dependant upon each individual’s unique physiology. But there are many commonalities in the design of such programs. These products are used in conjunction with and in addition to the diet and lifestyle changes for maximum effect. Taking nutritional products and not changing lifestyle and dietary habits will produce failure just as taking the drugs and not making the necessary changes. The benefit of nutriceuticals is that there are no side effects and few if any negative effects, which you can’t say for prescription drugs.