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We appreciate your feedback. We want to know how we helped. Here are some reviews from our past clients:

I came to see Dr. Ritchie seeking an experienced chiropractor who takes a holistic approach and puts customized, individualized patient care as a priority. His office environment and his approach is geared totally toward healing, wellness and educating patients to better care for themselves. Such a wonderfully positive experience these past few weeks! Dr. Ritchie got to the bottom of my neck and back pain issues and helped me make such progress and so quickly! After months of lingering/reoccuring pain issues, I am so very happy to have come here and to be feeling so much better so quickly. I have normal movement and activity with greater confidence that I’m not going to relapse. I’m overjoyed that our upcoming summer vacation will not be shadowed by neck pain and worry. I recommend Dr. Ritchie highly.

5/15/2014 – Superpages.com

I was facing back surgery and went to Dr. Ritchie for a second opinion. He suggested spinal decompression. After a few short weeks I am pain free and feel great. If you are in pain, don’t wait, see Dr. Ritchie immediately. He certainly helped me.

10/31/2011 – Superpages.com

I’m 52 years old. I’m an industrial mechanic and have suffered from back pain for the past 15 years. About a year ago I began to have sciatic pain and it became so severe I was unable to stand to sit for more than a few minutes. I was unable to work and was completely disabled. An MRI showed I had 2 herniated discs. My only option with traditional treatment was surgery. I had seen an advertisement for Spinal Decompression and had read articles so I decided to give it a try. After about 10 treatments, I had improved enough to return to work. After the recommended number of treatments, the pain was gone and I have not had sciatic pain for a year. If your doctor says you would be a good candidate for Decompression therapy, I would highly recommend it! Thanks Dr. Ritchie for giving me back my life.

9/21/2011 – Superpages.com

I was Dr. Ritchie’s patient with a torn muscle, biceps tendon as well as a torn extensors. One doctor told me to wait it out and hope for the best. I asked Dr. Ritchie to help me and he put me through extensive care at his office along with work outs at my home. The tear has mended satisfactorily and I have regained my arm’s ability to function correctly. I know that my arm would not have the ability it has now if it hadn’t been for Dr. Ritchie’s skilled care. I highly recommend Dr. Ritchie to anyone. He’ll not only do you an excellent job, he will become your friend.

9/19/2011 – Superpages.com

Great doctor. He took the time to listen to me and then found the cause of my pain. I took a while but my back and leg pain went away completely. That spinal decompression is great!

11/12/2010 – Superpages.com